We appreciate new project ideas! Any to offer? We encourage everyone to offer suggestions for the Crystal Lakes Community Fund projects.  Please complete this Recommendation Form below and mail to:


Crystal Lakes Community Fund Association
300 Tami Rd
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or you can email us at The Board will review and get back to you with their decision.

Recommendation Form
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Completed Projects for 2016
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Crystal Park

We purchased seven trees from the Gulley Greenhouse and Garden Center in SW Fort Collins. On Wednesday October 16, they planted and mulched the trees. The trees include 2 Thunderhead Dwarf Black Pine which grows to about 15'H and 12' W, two Black Hills Spruce which grows to about 15' H 35' W, two Baby Blue Spruce which can reach 40' and 12' W, and one True Mugo Pine which grows to about 15' H and 8' W. Please be careful of the new planting. The Gulley recommends staking the Dwarf Black Pines and advising property owners to have pets stay away for at least the first year. Please be considerate of this request. The CLCFA invites everyone to visit the new park and enjoy this project for many years to come.

The Shed

Some time ago the Community Fund suggested to the CLR&RA Board that if they provided the location, the Community Fund would purchase and build a shed to be used jointly by the Recreation Committee and the Community Fund. Both groups needed space to store folding picnic tables, canopies, barbeques, games, and other various sundries.

We hired a professional to install an 8’X12’ concrete base. “The Shed” kit and the materials needed to complete it were purchased at Home Depot in Ft Collins. I requested Doug Race to use his trailer to pick up the kit and deliver it to the site near the mail sheds and KOA lot. The site was agreed upon by Jody Sandquist , Rick Crewdson and I.

When Doug arrived at the site (it was raining), Chuck Glanz and Bob Strazer happened to be nearby and the three of them unloaded the wrapped kit. Thank you for your help! Over the course of four scattered days, we built, caulked, roofed and painted “the shed”.  

We thank the following people from the bottom of our hearts: Al Fink, Sue and Jon Gessert, Sharon Elam, Doug Race, Chuck Glanz, Milo David, Dave Smith, Jeanette and Ray Williams. These folks not only donated their time, but we all used our own tools. We ran out of nails and Lyle Koller supplied his so we could finish the job. Thank you Lyle!

In case you’re not counting, there were 12 different people helping with “the shed” project; some of them multiple times. That is one of the reasons the word “Community” is in our name. Once again thank you all!

Memory Wall - 2007

Community Fund Association Memorial Wall Plaque Request Form
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Handicap Access for Beaver Lake - 1999

Refurbish Panhandle Creek Foot Bridge - 1999, 2001, & 2007

Memorial Bench Joe Velasco Snoopy Pond - 2000

Bob Papish Memorial Otter Pond - 2000

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