CLCFA supports many projects to benefit the Crystal Lakes community and it members. 


The CLCFA Amazon Smile has a unique link (  When our supporters use this unique link, they skip the process of searching for a charity to support from over 1 million eligible charities. They are taken to and are automatically asked if they want to support the Crystal Lakes Community Fund Association or CLCFA.   By using this unique link, our supporters will be able to select CLCFA as the charity to support before they start shopping. The Community Fund recommends our supporters establish a bookmark with the CLCFA unique link so they don't accidentally shop at instead of

The Crystal Lakes Community Fund Association (CLCFA) was founded in 1998 to identify and fund programs that improve, enhance the beauty of, and preserve the common good of Crystal Lakes. CLCFA is made up of volunteers who use YOUR suggestions to develop these programs and projects that will ensure the continued viability of the development and to preserve the area for our children, grandchildren, and future property owners.


The CLCFA has been granted 501 (c)(3) income tax status. Simply put, this means that your donations and dues are tax deductible! Unlike most taxsupported organizations, 100% of your money goes directly back into the good of your mountain community that we have all grown to love.  There is almost no overhead, and labor associated with the projects is almost 100% volunteer. Your donations are used for materials to develop and maintain the projects.

We gratefully accept memberships and donations! Memorial donations are also appreciated. Donations can be specified for a particular project that you would like to see happen. With many small and/or several large donations (many of our members contribute $100 or more annually); we can make many good things happen.


You can Join Now, view our Projects, contact the Board of Directors, or browse our Documents.  

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