Memory Wall

The Shed

The Shed offers much needed space for our Community Boards to store folding picnic tables, canopies, barbeques, games, and other various sundries.

Crystal Park

Seven trees were purchased, planted and mulched on the edge of Crystal Park.  The large Pine & Spruce trees beautify the area.

Pots & Barrels

Installed flower pots and rain barrels at Base Camp. Welcome to our neighborhood!

Beaver Lake All Access Area

In 1997, we created an all access area for Beaver Lake.

Playground & Picnic Area at Base Camp

We installed a new playground area for family and friends to gather at Base Camp.  Enjoy the horseshoe pits, picnic tables, and more.

Snoopy Pond Memorial Bench

Created in memory of Joe Velasco in 2000

Otter Pond Memorial

We installed a decorative memorial in memory of Bob Papish in 2000.

RV Campsite Landscaping

Current Project initiated. Future maintenance by us!  We will be installing picnic tables.  Aimed to beautify and landscape the Crystal Lakes RV Campsites.  Coming SOON!

Osprey Nesting Pole

Nesting pole installed for wildlife protection on the South side of Crystal Lake.  Pole donated by REA.

Dry Hydrants

Dry Hydrants installed by Catawba Lake and others in the neighborhood. A much needed water source for fire suppression.

Welcome Sign

Crystal Lakes neighborhood entrance sign installed along our beloved dirt road.

Mailbox Aprons

Concrete aprons installed at the front of the mailbox sheds at Base Camp.

Security Lights

Motion detected solar power security lights installed at Base Camp.

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