Crystal Lakes Community Fund Association
Memory Wall Application Form  for a 3" x 8" Memory Plaque

Please fill out form below and send payment of $100.  You can pay online on the Donate Now! page.  If mailing a check, please include this form with your check.  The requesting party will be notified after the plaque is placed on the wall.

Mail To:  Crystal Lakes Community Fund Association

                 PO Box 557, Red Feather Lakes, CO 80545

DISCLAIMER: The engraving on the plaque will be exactly as written in this form.  See RULES & REGULATIONS listed below.

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Contact us

PO Box 557, Red Feather Lakes, CO 80545


To be completed by the Community Fund representative.  This form will become a permanent record in the Crystal Lakes Community Fund files.  

Date form completed:__________________

Date form received:____________________

Date plaque placed on wall:______________

Plaque Fee $100.00 - Paid: ________________


for the Crystal Lakes Community Fund Association Memory Wall

  1. The Memory Wall Committee will purchase and have available, the plaques at a cost of $100.00 each (which includes appropriate engraving, postage and supplies for attaching to the wall)
  2. The unused plaques will be stored at a place designated by the Community Fund Board of Directors
  3. The Community Fund Memory Wall Committee will have a form to be given or mailed to the purchaser of the plaque.  The party purchasing the plaque will fill out the information on the form and return it with the appropriate payment.
  4. An appointed member of the committee will take the blank plaque and the form to a selected engraver. The form will have a disclaimer on it that the engraving will be exactly as appears on the form.
  5. The engraved plaque will be placed on the Memory Wall by an appointed member of the committee.
  6. Plaques will be placed only on the front side of the Memory Wall.
  7. An appointed member of the committee will be responsible for all of the paper work, the forms and the booklet.
  8. The Crystal Lakes Community Fund will be responsible for the maintenance of the Memory Wall and landscaping.
  9. Once the plaque is installed on the wall, no engraving will be added.

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